Leesburg's Only Custom Makeup Boutique

June 1st we will be located at 11A South King Street!

Christina brings over 20 years of makeup experience to Be Beauty. Working for some of the top makeup artists and well known brands, she has sharpened her skills and her ability to make each client look and feel her best.

Christina believes in a practical approach to makeup, finding the right balance of client preference and the needs of their skin type, as well as what fits into each person’s routine.

“No one sits down and says ‘I have all the time in the world in the morning, give me a makeup routine that takes an hour!’” Christina says. “Instead , most people want to learn to master the 5-minute face. I try to do that and also give them a way to take that daytime look into the evening with just a few simple steps.”

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Custom Lip Color
Searching for the perfect lip color? Create it yourself! You will work with an artist to blend a lip color that’s just the way you want it. Three textures of lipstick, three of lip gloss and limitless possibilities for you! Made from plant based waxes, pure pigments and crushed minerals, these lip colors not only look great, you can feel great about using them.
Custom Foundation
Foundation the way you like it! With custom blended foundation, you can ensure that not only do you have the perfect color, but everything else is perfect as well. Do you like sheer or full coverage? Matte finish or luminous? How about sunscreen, an anti-ager or skin calming serum? Right down to the bottle it goes in, this foundation is all about you!
Custom Beauty Balm
Beauty Balm gives you multi product benefits in a single step. Light, sheer coverage, hydration and priming in a single application. Great for the days when you just want a little less.
Stuck in a makeup rut? A lesson can help you master the basics and give you a fresh take on your face. Each lesson is tailored to the individual so that we can focus on your particular skin type and features to make the most of YOU! Each lesson starts with skincare and goes all the way through to lips. You’ll leave with an illustrated product listing and step by step notes so that you can recreate the look at home.
Camera-Ready Makeup
Engagement photos? Professional head shot? Family pictures? Photos call for special makeup. Make sure you look your best in pictures by having makeup that’s meant to be photographed.
Special Occasion Makeup
Heading out for a night on the town makes you want to look your best. Start your evening with a special occasion application. You’ll leave looking gorgeous and ready for anything!
Teen Makeup
Our younger beauties need a little less to look their best so we do a special application just for them. Whether for prom, a wedding or other occasion, the teen application is just right for younger girls (for girls 17 and under)
Eyes Only
If everything else is perfection but you just can’t those eyeliner wings right, leave it to us!. We’ll do the eyes, you do the rest.
Color Only
If you’re a master at your own peaches and cream complexion and just need help with finishing touches, the color only option is for you. Come to us with your “canvas” complete and we’ll take it from there. Includes eyes, lips and cheeks.
False lash application using strip of cluster lashes. Artists will use your preferences to determine the right type of lashes to achieve the look you want and really make your eyes POP!